Our business areas

We manage projects as well as service and maintenance for the industry’s largest players in critical infrastructure. Today we operate in power, telecommunications, district heating as well as water and sewage.


Power offers preparation, planning and construction of electricity distribution networks, including both technical aspects and related processes. Netel company currently operates the Power business area in Sweden, Norway and Finland.


The main services provided relate to measuring stations, power distribution lines on the ground and in the air, high-voltage cables, smart meters and electric car chargers, and street lighting. The services are provided in regional networks and distribution networks with voltages of up to 145 kV. Netel does not currently focus on transmission networks.

In Sweden, we focus on the construction, installation and maintenance of the above-mentioned products. In Norway, Netel is one of the few players that can provide planning and design services up to 145 kV, where Nett-Tjenester designs, builds and orders, for example, switchgear and distribution lines. Netel does not provide planning or design services in Sweden as these services are normally performed by the respective network owners.


Our Swedish customer base are primarily network owners. The Norwegian customer base also includes power producers, industrial customers, construction companies and municipalities. This difference is largely due to a monopoly situation in Sweden, where administrative authorities and state-owned companies plan the electricity networks.


In Mobil, Netel is one of the few companies that offers a complete service offering across the entire value chain. The business area is active in Sweden, Norway and Finland.


Our offering covers the entire value chain of telecom and mobile data network systems, including planning, permit management, expansion, installation, commissioning and integration.

The main focus is the expansion and installation of network equipment and the replacement of old technology with 5G-ready equipment, mainly on the 700 MHz and 3.5 GHz frequency bands. We also offer a wide range of services, including services for remote integration, radio link installations, maintenance and indoor networks.

Netel’s strength is the ability to carry out projects throughout the value chain, from assessing the suitability of facilities, building the equipment, integrating it into the telecom operators’ networks, to documentation and preventive and corrective maintenance.

We also provide logistics services through cooperation agreements to facilitate an efficient process in warehousing and logistics, where components from different suppliers are collected, consolidated and delivered to the facilities. This helps keep costs at a low level and provides positive environmental aspects due to less handling and transport being required.


Our customer base mainly comprises telecom operators, owners of mobile towers (TowerCos) and system suppliers. The contract portfolio is mainly characterized by expansion projects that are followed by maintenance agreements. Among the key customers are several of the largest telecommunications companies in Northern Europe.

Fixed networks

We are a well-established and experienced company with deep relationships throughout the value chain for fiber roll-out and maintenance work. We operate in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany and the UK.


We offer turnkey solutions for customers, such as design and expansion of fiber networks, upgrades of coaxial networks, preventive and corrective maintenance, installation of communication networks in cities and broadband connection.


Our customer base mainly includes network owners, network operators and tenant-owner associations. The contract portfolio is mainly characterized by fiber expansion projects followed by coaxial network upgrades and long-term maintenance framework agreements. Among the most important customers are several of the largest telecom operators in Northern Europe and broadband providers.

District heating, water and sewage

In 2021, we started building our business in district heating, water and sewage in Sweden. In the next step, we will establish ourselves in other countries. We have built the business through acquisitions, which makes us a well-established and experienced player with deep relationships across the entire value chain for both construction and maintenance in district heating, water and sewage infrastructure, including associated civil engineering work.


The most important services we offer are expansion and upgrades of infrastructure for district heating, water and sewage. A significant part of the services we perform are associated land contracts.


Our customers are municipal and private infrastructure owners as well as real estate and construction companies. A significant part of the services is performed through framework agreements.