Growth through acquisitions

Acquisitions are key part of our growth strategy. Through acquisitions, we will strengthen existing operations and expand into new market segments or countries. Our acquisition strategy is built on a clear and structured process.

Focus areas

Companies in Sweden and Norway that offer project management and service to fixed networks and power customers as well as German companies in the fixed networks and power areas are the focus for acquisitions within existing operations. The markets are generally fragmented with many smaller players and consolidation is necessary to improve efficiency and meet the need for greater expertise within, among other areas, new technology.

We also seek out companies in adjacent sectors such as heating, water and sewage. These sectors have similar market characteristics and require the same expertise as the areas in which we already have a leading position. This means that we have a management system and a culture that is ideal for running and developing the acquired companies.

The identification process

We have identified a large number of potential acquisition candidates and are proactively approaching them. Contractors wanting to sell their business also initiate direct contact with us.


The most important criteria are the presence of a strong, competent management team and that the company operates in a market segment which we prioritize is also vital that the management teams of the acquired companies share our vision and ambitions. In particular, they must share our objectives and ambitions in the area of sustainability.